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About National Rent A Computer

National Rent-A-Computer was founded in January 1987 by William and Jane Spiller, to serve corporate and private needs for short-term uses of computers.  This was a new concept in 1987, and raising awareness of the company’s ability to solve corporate and personal needs ranging from short-term use of computers and monitors at conventions and trade shows, to providing a room-full of computers, printers, and monitors for training sessions, to providing a laptop or projector for an executive presentation… these diverse areas could all be covered by the reliable, on-time delivery of PCs, laptops, printers and other technology related equipment. 

            Over the years National Rent-A-Computer earned a reputation for reliable, helpful service, which would arrive on time and deliver good, working equipment, at a cost that compared favorably with other rental companies. 

            As the industry progressed, new equipment and many more services have been added, so that National Rent-A-Computer is now an international service company, providing both computer and audiovisual equipment.  Its product line covers presentation projectors, PCs, Macs, laptops, printers, wide screen monitors, flat screen monitors, sound systems and other Audiovisual equipment, and networking services.  They can provide from 1 to 1000 units of equipment, setting it up wherever your company requires. 

            And after 19 years, service is still what we are about.  Our job is to make both you and your customer completely happy.

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Last modified: January 14, 2004