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Let National Rent-A-Computer set up your next auction. We have provided computers, monitors, and printers to auctions since 1995.

By allowing us to come in and set up the computer hardware which is used for check-out, you gain the freedom to concentrate on other aspects of the auction.

We offer three different set up times. A 9:00 am set up for groups who want the security of having the equipment early, so that they can be sure their last minute auction items are keyed in. A 12:00 noon set up, which the majority chooses. This time slot gives you time to get the tables in place for the computers and do some last minute changes. The 4:00 pm set up is for the groups who are confident that they have everything together. Set up takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

The National Rent-A-Computer package includes a Tech On-site for the evening. The Tech is there to make sure the equipment stays up and running; freeing you to make sure the rest of the auction runs smoothly.

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Auction Set Up


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Last modified: January 14, 2004