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Jane Spiller, Vice President

Jane is in her 20th year of working in the computer and audiovisual rental industry. She and her husband, Bill, entered the industry in 1987 when they opened National Rent-A-Computer. She worked behind the scenes to support the fledgling company until 1994, when she joined the staff as the account executive, supporting office functions and providing cohesion in the advertising department. As the focus of National rent-A-Computer changed from personal computing to business-oriented services, Jane has worked with the management team to provide customers with reliable equipment and service.

Prior to National Rent-A-Computer, Jane worked at Portland State University in the Business Division, where she learned the importance of guiding clients to useful services and following up to make sure they were well taken care of.

Before Portland State University, Jane spent 17 years at the University of Oregon Library in a number of supervisory positions in the Catalog Department. There she served as a resource person and was a highly respected Library staff member.

Jane earned a B.S. in Business from Portland State University.



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Last modified: January 14, 2004